Review Aged Care Homes

An independent, reliable and objective internet resource that rates and reviews Aged Care Facilities by people with first-hand experience, be it personally or professionally.

Keeping you informed by people in the know

Aged Care Report Card (ACRC), is a website that provides ‘Report Cards’ of all Aged Care Facilities in Australia. It’s based on what really matters to consumers from people who are living in or associated with that facility.

Why an Aged Care Report Card?

Well because people need to make an informed decision. Finding the most suitable aged care facility for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful and highly emotional process. Often quick decisions are made based on very little information.

Unlike online directories that provide basic details such as location and number of beds, ACRC brings you the “word-of-mouth” of what the actual living experience is like. You need to know more than the “number of beds” to give you confidence in finding your new ‘home’.

Partnership with ACRC

Carers SA is proud to partner with Aged Care Report Card (ACRC) to help carers make informed decisions about their selection of aged care homes.