Improving services for carers

We work hard to raise the profile of carers in South Australia and to make sure that the professionals and services supporting you are sensitive to your needs and the needs of your family.

Caring families come into contact with a wide range of health, community care and other professionals.

We create opportunities for carers to tell us what is important to them and use feedback to improve the services available in the region, particularly in the south and east country region through the Carers SA Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre.

We work with local service organisations, encouraging and supporting them to:

  • Work in partnership with caring families and value and use their expertise
  • Evaluate the services they provide and identify what works best for the families they support
  • Create a range of respite and support options to suit the different needs of carers, their families and the people they care for

We work with government funding to expand existing respite programs and develop new and innovative services that fill gaps in the system

We understand that carers and the people they care for may have initial reservations about using some types of respite care and that it is important to be able to choose an option that feels comfortable. We work very hard to encourage respite providers to develop programs that allow caring families to gradually increase their confidence in the services available to them.

Tell us what you think

When carers and other members of the community receive services from the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre, South and East Country, we regularly seek their feedback about the services received. 

At any time we welcome compliments, criticisms, ideas and complaints which help us to improve the services we provide.