Aged care respite

If you care for somebody aged 65 or older (50 or older for people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background) who has become frail, has a chronic health condition or dementia.

Caring and working

Many carers find it difficult to balance paid employment with their caring responsibilities. We can help you to stay in or look for paid employment by arranging flexible short term and emergency respite options for the person you support.

Disability respite

If you care for a family member or friend up to the age of 65 years who has a disability, acquired disability or chronic illness.

Caring when you are older

Many older carers have been supporting a son or daughter with a disability over many years and may be concerned about what will happen in the future. We can help provide short term respite and support to plan for the future.

Mental health respite

If you care for a family member or friend of any age who is experiencing a mental illness. Caring for somebody with a mental illness can be difficult and confusing. The illness may cause them to think, feel or behave in ways that are hard to understand or cope.

Young carers respite

If you are a young carer, up to the age of 25 years who provides significant care and support for a parent, partner, child, relative or friend who has a disability, is frail aged, or who has a severe mental or physical condition 

Many young carers find it difficult to balance education with their caring responsibilities. You may frequently miss school or not have time to finish homework. You may feel distracted or unconnected with your teachers and other students.

We can help to pay for some school related costs such as tutoring, sports, uniforms, camps. Young carer programs provide support when you need it by listening and helping you to focus on your own health, wellbeing and needs. Activities also allow a chance to meet other young carers in your area for peer support.