Looking back at what started in 1988 as an idea, that in 1989 became a grass roots movement of carers and service providers, we see an organisation that has grown and evolved to become a statewide organisation.


  • 25 years celebration.
  • Achieved Australian Service Excellence Standards Certification.
  • New Port Lincoln office officially opened.
  • Funded to work with carers to develop their digital literacy.


  • Sponsored the successful Carers SA Carer Achievement Award 2014.
  • Inagugural SLAM Poetry Competition recognised young carers 2014.
  • No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) commenced.
  • Holding Biennial SA Carers Excellence Awards 2014.
  • Delivered Carers SA's State Election campaign: ‘Commit to Carers'.
  • Participated in Carers Australia's Federal Election campaign ‘Unpaid Carers the Necessary Investment'.
  • Co-location of our Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Augusta offices to a new refurbished office in Port Augusta.


  • Young Carer Recognition Award Ceremony at Government House hosted by our patron the Governor of South Australia Kevin Scarce and Mrs Liz Scarce.
  • Sponsorship of the inaugural Carers SA Carer Achievement Award as part of the Australian Community Achievement Awards.
  • Establishing a strong social media presence to better engage with family carers and the public.


  • Official opening of our new State Office at 66 Greenhill Road Wayville by our our patron the Governor of South Australia Kevin Scarce and Mrs Liz Scarce (Oct 2012).
  • Co-location of Mount Gambier programs.
  • Awarded a Margaret Tobin Award 2012 for Excellence in the provision of Mental Health services for our regional mental health programme.
  • Received an inaugural Carer Recognition Award for the development of our Young Carers Education booklet.
  • Commonwealth (FaHCSIA) funded Better Start for Children with a Disability Initiative in South Australia (as part of the national network of Carers Associations).
  • Carers SA Facebook page commences.


  • Aboriginal Partnership Plan launched in April 2011.
  • Consultation with Carers Australia to inform the Australian Government National Carers Strategy.
  • Carers SA acknowledged in the Governors Multicultural Award 2010, for our Cultural Diversity Strategy and contribution to the community.
  • Carers SA winning the top (silver) award of the THeMHS Conference for its Supporting Carers of People with Mental Illness funded by FaHCSIA.
  • Caring for Carers Program, consulted with hundreds of carers over 3 years.
  • Commenced registration serive for the Commonwealth (FaHCSIA) funded Better Start for Children with a Disability Initiative.
  • Carers SA and the National Network of Carers Associations submission to the Productivity Commission inquiries on ageing and disability on behalf of carers.


  • 20 years of Carers SA celebrations.


  • Opening of Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre new offices at Murray Bridge
  • Opening of Carers SA - Eyre Carers new offices.
  • 10 year Celebration Carers SA – Western Carers.
  • 10 year celebration Carers SA - River Murray and Mallee Carers.
  • Caring for Carers Have Your Say forums begin.
  • Launch and implementation of our Cultural Diversity Strategy.


  • Regional Mental Health Program begins.
  • The Health and Wellbeing of Adult Family Carers in South Australia, an epidemiological analysis 1994 – 2004 published.
  • Opening of Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre South and East Country Mt Gambier offices.


  • Carer Advisory and Counselling Service established by bringing together the Carer Resource Centre and National Carer Counselling Service.


  • ARAFMI becomes a Carers SA service.


  • New Logo for the National Network of Carers Associations including  Carers SA.
  • Carers SA receives State Mental Health funding.
  • South Australian Carers Recognition Act 2005 passed.
  • Carers SA’s 2nd ‘Focus on Carers’ Conference - Carers the Next Generation held.
  • Launch of Young Carers Web Page on Carers SA website.


  • National Resource Kit for Young Carers produced.
  • ATSI Partnership Group established.
  • CALD Ambassadors join the Carer Ambassadors Program.


  • National Carers Counselling Program established.
  • Northern Country Aboriginal Carers of Children with a Disability Project begins.
  • Nunga Carers Group begins in Western Adelaide.
  • Indigenous Carer Ambassadors join the Carer Ambassadors Program.
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Community Education Project.


  • State Office moves to 58 King William Road.
  • SA Carers ‘Focus on Carers‘ Conference.
  • First Carers Week Oration.
  • Rural conferences at Pinaroo and Whyalla.
  • SA Great Awards for Eyre Carers and River Murray and Mallee Carers.


  • Opening of Southern Country Carelink Office in Murray Bridge.
  • Carer Ambassadors Program begins.


  • Western Carer Support offices officially opened March 2000.
  • 10 year celebration of Carers SA Inc.


  • New Constitution adopted to provide for Board of Governance.
  • Southern Country Carer Respite Centre Millicent Office officially opened.
  • River Murray and Mallee Carers officially launched.
  • Eyre Carers photographic display launched.


  • Southern Country Carer Respite Centre opens.
  • South East Carers officially opens.


  • Carer Resource Centre opened.
  • Northern Country Carers officially opens Port Augusta offices.


  • Increase in membership.
  • Rural Carers, Non English Speaking Background (NESB) Carers, Home Maintenance, Carer Retreats, Carer Scholarships and Policy and Research programs begin.
  • “Carers are Customers Too” training program published


  • Relocation to King William Road, Unley.
  • Publication and distribution of Carer Support Kits in ten community languages.


  • Changes to the Constitution.
  • Name change to Carers Association of SA Inc.


  • Introduction of the Carer Support Kit.
  • Association relocated to East Terrace, Adelaide.


  • Consolidation at offices in Disability Information Resource Centre (DIRC).


  • Association’s application for funding approved.
  • Carers Card introduced.
  • First Carers Awareness Week.


  • South Australian Carers Association Inc is formed, November 1990.


  • Ground-swell movement of carers meets and forms the SA Carers Network Committee.


  • SA Council on the Ageing undertakes research into caring needs.