For education professionals

We provide tertiary students with knowledge and skills on how to work effectively with caring families. We provide primary and secondary teaching staff, school counsellors and students with an understanding of the issues affecting young carers education.

Workshop and education programs for staff and students

Tertiary Students

All students aiming for a career in the health and community services sector will encounter family carers.  Consequently, learning about working effectively with caring families is a vital component in their education.  We provide quality training to enable students to gain an understanding on how to work effectively with family carers and the improved health and wellbeing outcomes achieved when taking a holistic approach to care.

Our workshops are tailored to meet your needs, targeted at students studying a range of courses at tertiary level.

We offer:

  • Carers are clients too - the impact of caring
  • Carers Recognition Act and SA Charter
  • Collaboration with education staff regarding relevant relevant topics and information

Young Carers in Education

Statistics indicate there is an average of 2 or 3 young carers in every classroom.  A supportive school environment which acknowledges a young person's caring role can make all the difference in helping them be at school, stay at school and succeed at school.

Our workshops can be designed and tailored to meet your needs, targeted to the staff or students and adapted to suit primary or secondary schools.

We offer:

  • Impact of caring
  • Strategies to support young carers in their schooling
  • Caring for a parent with a mental illness
  • Details of local carer support networks
  • Focus on particular illnesses or disabilities
  • Curriculum resources

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