The Voice of Carers

Carers SA is the recognised 'voice of carers' representing the interests and needs of family carers in South Australia.

Representation Carers and Raising Awareness

Carers SA Strategic Plan Jan 2016 - Dec 2018

We will represent family carers’ interests and protect and advance their identified needs based on research and evidence and the dynamic involvement of family carers.

We will inform the general public, professionals, students, employers and services in the government and community sector on matters relating to family carers.

We will raise awareness in the community so as to reach hidden family carers, in the community and the workplace so as to increase their self-recognition and knowledge of available services.

We will increase our capacity for action by working with strategic alliances at state and national levels.


  • Broadening and strengthening our carer engagement
  • Acting as the leading ‘voice of carers’ and advocate to government
  • Promoting and contributing to research on family carers
  • Using research evidence to inform our service and policy responses
  • Providing opportunities for opinion makers to hear what’s important to carers and their families
  • Delivering training to service providers on family carers
  • Preparing evidence based reports and presenting our position
  • Being the leading source of information on carers and service models and presenting our position
  • Engaging through promotions, social media, marketing and events
  • Developing alliances and partnerships with other organisations
  • Collaborating with the National Network of Carers Associations


Excerpt, Strategy 1, Carers SA Strategic Plan January 2016 – December 2018


"Acting as the strong and credible voice for family carers and providing the leadership to empower family carers"

"Building recognition, respect, support and Understanding of family carers and their needs"

"Attaining carer recognition and understanding of themselves and by others"