Meet our Board

Our Board members are passionately committed to improving the lives of carers. They bring a wide range of skills and experience to help us achieve our aims. Many of them also have personal experience of caring.

Lyn Woodforde - President

Lyn Woodforde President

Lyn is a past and current carer; 8 years in hospitality as an Assistant Manager; completed Certificate III in Business and Medical Administration in 2006; Ambassador of Carers SA since 2007; Member of the Mental Health Task Group; previously represented Carers SA on the Mental Health Forum Reference Group and the Mental Health Retreat Reference Group; Representative Partners of Veterans since 2003.  President from October 2013, Vice President since October 2012, Board member since November 2010.

Special Interest:  Mental Health


I hope that the knowledge I have gained from many years of caring, can help alleviate some of the obstacles carers face. It is an absolute pleasure, to be able to work alongside Carers SA, to try and improve carer’s lives.

Jenny Davies - Vice President

Jenny Davies - Board Member

Former university lecturer with qualifications in social work, and urban and regional planning; Emeritus Fellow in CAUTHE (the professional association for academics in tourism); former university lecturer with qualifications in social work, and urban and regional planning. Experience in social work, health education, market research, higher education and conference management.

 Jenny was appointed to the Board in November 2014, Vice President since February 2015.

As a Carers SA Board member I look forward to using my professional and personal experience to contribute to the Board. I bring a range of skills and expertise which I hope will add value to the strategies and policies of the organisation, allowing it to achieve the best outcomes for family carers in SA’

Stuart Cannon - Treasurer

Stuart Cannon Treasurer

Stuart is a Certified Practicing Accountant, Bachelor of Accountancy (University of South Australia).  Stuart is currently the General Manager Asia Pacific for Transitions Optical and brings over nineteen years experience in financial and business administration analysis and management expertise to the Carers SA Board. Treasurer from October 2013, Board Member since October 2012.  Stuart is a AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors) Graduate. 

Stuart understands the demands of caring having supported his mum who was a full time carer for his dad.

Having personally experienced the difficulties carers face, I value the opportunity to assist Carers SA in continuing to support those members of our society who make many personal sacrifices to care for others in need. As a board member I aim to bring my various experiences to ensure that Carers SA continues to evolve and grow in line with the needs of the community.

Phil Martin - Board Member

Phil Martin - Board Member

Phil Martin B.A. Social Work, Graduate Diploma Public Sector Management, FACID.

Phil is the CEO of Muscular Dystrophy SA and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. Board member since February 2014.

Phil has over 30 years experience in disability service provision and management having worked in Government and non Government organisations aiming to enhance the lives of people living with a disability and their families.

This range of experience has provided him with the capacity to plan, develop and implement client responsive services.


Why Carers SA? The opportunity to participate at board level to consider and develop strategy and policy to ensure the valuable role of carers in our society is protected and developed. I hope my background and experiences add value to the Carers SA board

Jan Wallent - Board Member - South Australian representative on Carers Australia Board

Jan Wallent - Board Member

Jan trained as a nurse, moving from a general nursing role to that of Hostel Manager for the deaf, and culminating in her position as a senior Manager for Helping Hand Aged Care, from which she retired in 1999.

Jan has spent much of her life caring for various members of her family suffering from a range of illnesses and disabilities, including stroke and dementia. 

In June 2010, Jan received the Joy Noble Medal for Outstanding Volunteer Service in South Australian Government Volunteer Programs.

Board member since July 2014; Carers SA nominee on Carers Australia Board since November 2014.

I have a special interest in caring for people with a mental disability and believe that my vast caring experience will prove to be an asset to the Board of Carers SA and I look forward to making a contribution to the ongoing work of the association.

Lynne Carter - Board Member

Lynne Carter - Board Member

Diploma in Business Management; Certificate in Counselling; AICD Graduate.

Lynne is an Executive Manager with Westpac Banking Corporation and has a background in Financial Services with over 20 years experience in strategic and operational leadership roles. 

Lynne cares for her elderly mother who is recovering following a stroke and hopes to utilise this experience to assist Carers SA with its ongoing work supporting Carers.

Lynne has a strong personal passion and interest in Carers SA having had first-hand experience in caring for an aging parent.

Board member since November 2014.

I value and welcome the opportunity to work with Carers SA to assist and support the many people in our communities who care for others. I hope that my personal experience in caring for an elderly relative and my professional experiences gained over many years, enable me to add value to the Carers SA board. As a board member I am committed to working hard on behalf of Carers SA members in ensuring the organisation continues to grow and develop in the best possible way to ensure we are well positioned for the many individuals we support.

Virginia Suttell - Board Member

Virginia Suttell - Board Member

Virginia is a Chartered Accountant and currently acts as the CFO and Company Secretary for a listed junior exploration company and provides financial and business administration and governance services as a consultant to other enterprises. She has over 20 years experience in business, specifically the management of financial matters, governance and risk. Virginia is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and an Associate of the Governance Institute of Australia.  Board member since November 2015.

Being a current carer of a young child I have a specific interest in young families finding themselves as carers for young children, the result of chronic or acute illness or disability. In addition, I am particularly keen to see the role of young carers becoming more recognised. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Board and to work towards the improved circumstances and well being of all family carers in South Australia.